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FAQs About the New Orbit Solutions User Experience

To better meet the changing needs of our clients, partners and their workforce, we regularly roll out updates to Orbit Solutions, our human capital management (HCM) platform. This is nothing out of the ordinary for us, as we’re always working to be the best and brightest in the industry. But, this time around, we are more excited than ever! It’s with much pride that we prepare to debut our most anticipated Orbit Solutions update yet.

But, before we let our enthusiasm propel us too far forward, let’s take a moment and address a few important questions about the new Orbit Solutions user experience.

1. What exactly does “new user experience” mean?

By “new” we mean better! At the highest level, users will see immediate improvements to the look and feel of the Orbit Solutions user interface (UI). Not only will users be greeted with a cleaner, more modern look, but they’ll experience a more intuitive, insightful and easy-to-navigate experience across all devices. A redesigned homepage, reorganized menu structure, responsive mobile experience, improved geofencing and dashboard capabilities, and a new visual approach to data, all add to the experience. The result? Employees and managers alike can bring more productivity and efficiency to their work.

2. Will all Orbit Solutions modules have the new experience?

Yes, the new experience extends to all modules — Orbit Payroll, Orbit Human Resources, Orbit Scheduler and Orbit Time & Labor. Once we enable a client’s security profiles, the new experience will be live across all active modules.

3. Who will the new user experience benefit?

We are dedicated to meeting the changing needs of the entire workforce. As such, our Orbit Solutions enhancements benefit all types of workers from business owners to managers, employees, contractors and beyond. The improved self-service and mobile options give managers and employees control of when and how they work while offering a more intuitive and transparent experience to all.

4. What reporting improvements are expected?

While we’ll still provide the same robust data to users, we’re making it easier for entire organizations to access, share and extract business-driving insights. With our newly released visual data capabilities, users can now build interactive graphs and charts right into their reports or add them to their homepage or custom dashboards. No more combing through lines of data — users get instant insights with our easy-to-digest visual data. Plus, reports are now located in a more convenient location and are equipped with customization capabilities to make analysis a natural extension to any Orbit Solutions module.

5. When does the new experience go live?

We are taking a phased approach to rollout, with the end goal of transitioning everyone to the new experience by fall 2019. We are still finalizing the exact dates, but have slated June through October as the transition window. Please note the following information regarding our phased rollout schedule:

  • New clients: We will implement all new Payroll Data clients on the updated user experience.
  • Existing clients: We anticipate rolling out the new experience to existing clients based on active products. As we identify exact transition dates, we’ll communicate more details. The tentative schedule is as follows:
    • Orbit Payroll (on its own): June 2019
    • Orbit Time & Labor (on its own or in addition to Orbit Payroll): TBD 2020
    • Orbit Human Resources (on its own or in addition to other Orbit products): TBD 2020
    • Orbit Breeze (Time & Labor limited-business version): TBD
    • Orbit Human Resources (limited-business version): TBD
  • Early adaptors: We’ll also work to accommodate clients that would like to transition to the new experience before the designated time we’ve outlined above. Interested parties should contact their CSR for consideration.

6. Will the new experience roll out simultaneously to all users at a company or will admins receive access first?

For the most part, all users will transition to the new experience at the same time. We are taking a thoughtful approach to rollout. Clients will not transition before we’ve communicated their specific switch-over date, and they’ve had the opportunity to receive training (see number 12 below).

7. Are all companies and their users required to adopt the new experience?  

Yes, all Payroll Data clients and their Orbit Solutions users are required to transition to the new experience. As discussed, we’re adopting a phased rollout schedule with a goal of transitioning 100 percent of clients by fall 2019. While we understand that change can make many organizations uncomfortable, we also know how transformational it can be with helping teams reach new levels of productivity and engagement. But, rest assured, we’ll be here to guide our clients and partners through the transition.

8. Will users lose access to their current dashboard (“my dashboard”)?

Users that are currently using a dashboard (the “classic” dashboard) will retain access. However, users can also take advantage of an entirely new dashboard that incorporates dynamic charts and graphs (see number four above). The new dashboard is a great addition to its classic counterpart, as it allows users to build out an entire dashboard of business-driving insights using our new visual data capabilities. Plus, it’s pretty sharp looking with our new sleek and modern design. Sneak peek below!

9. Can users access the new experience from mobile devices?

Good news! The same great experience users get when logging into Orbit Solutions from a desktop computer extends to any mobile device, be it phone or tablet. There are two ways users can access Orbit Solutions from their phone or tablet: via the web or with our new mobile app, HCMtoGo.

When logging in from a phone or tablet via the web, users will now experience an entirely responsive design that automatically adjusts to accommodate any screen size. They will also receive the same new functionality, like the ability to add colorful charts and graphs to a report or navigate the new menu structure, that they get via desktop access.

Organizations looking to bring even more on-the-go access and transparency to their entire workforce can also take advantage of our mobile app HCMtoGo. Our new app replaces our legacy app, TotalHRWorks, and is available for download in Apple and Android stores. While the same Orbit Solutions experience (including the updated look and feel!) carries through to our mobile app, users should expect slightly different capabilities than they receive on desktop. To learn more, check out our handy HCMtoGo blog post.

10. Does the new Orbit Solutions experience cost extra?

There are no extra costs associated with transitioning to the new Orbit Solutions user experience. Likewise, new clients should expect the same reasonable pricing that we’ve always offered.

11. Does the mobile app cost extra?

As discussed in number 10 above, there are no extra costs associated with transitioning to the new Orbit Solutions user experience. And since our new experience extends to all devices — desktop, mobile phones and tablets — users will not pay extra to download or use the mobile app. However, additional fees may apply if users require certain timekeeping features such as timesheet access and approvals.

12. Are there resources available to help teams transition to the new experience?

We are here every step of the way, and we will be in touch with regular communications like this. To help you prepare for the new Orbit Solutions user experience, we have a variety of training resources available for clients:

  • Training Documents: Users can download training resources in Orbit Solutions by navigating to My Account > My Learning. This is also a great way to get a sneak peek of the new experience!
  • Webinars:  We are hosting a series of client webinars with both high-level ("overview") and specialized sessions. 
    • Overview sessions: Our "overview" webinar has concluded. However, if you missed it, do not worry — we've recorded it for you and saved it in Orbit Solutions (search "NEW UI - Webinar" in Service Provider Documents)
    • Specialized Sessions: There will also be a Time & Labor and a Human Resources webinar in September. 

Questions? Let us know today!


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