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Getting Through the Coming Months by Going Beyond the Expected

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If you’re like many of us, you’ve had to face an onslaught of critical decisions these past few months. And since we’re all in this together, Payroll Data Solutions remains ready to support your efforts with important information related to the pandemic, its aftermath, racial equality, employee unease, and more.

Sometimes, though, getting through this (and whatever’s next) is also about the little things that can be done for employees. Whether they’re working from home or back in the workplace, an extra perk here and there can sometimes make all the difference in helping them feel good about themselves, their coworkers and their jobs. 

For those working onsite

In many ways, the traditional workplace has changed forever. Since the list of major challenges and considerations associated with a return onsite is so long, it can be easy to overlook just how much employees might appreciate simple actions that show empathy for their situations. Here are several to consider: 

  • Distribute supplies, such as hand sanitizer, to demonstrate how much your organization prioritizes the health and safety of its employees. 
  • Offer extra time for mental health breaks (or even an extra day of PTO). 
  • Relax dress codes to more closely reflect how everyone in society has been working these past few months.
  • Have lunch delivered on a regular basis to build goodwill with employees and community businesses that might be struggling. 
  • Give away gift certificates to local businesses as incentives or part of a contest. 

For those working remotely

Many organizations have already mastered many key aspects of the remote work experience. For those who will continue to get their jobs done from here, there or pretty much anywhere, now might be the perfect time to consider some of these little extras that go beyond the expected:

  • If you’re not already, consider a midday or after-hours “Zoom office party” to keep remote workers connected with each other.
  • Continue to encourage the cancellation of any non-critical meetings. 
  • Ask employees to share “home office hacks” then collect the best to share with everyone. 
  • Establish and share troubleshooting processes for dealing with technology-related questions and challenges (you’ll also want to remind them to remain vigilant about the increase in technology threats).

For everyone, everywhere 

Regardless of where your employees will work moving forward, these additional ways to go beyond the expected will likely meet with resounding approval: 

  • Train (or retrain) on how to prevent bias and discrimination, including the use of inappropriate and disrespectful language. 
  • Create programs that provide job opportunities for the disadvantaged.
  • Provide weekly email updates (or virtual team meetings that include both remote and onsite workers) to apprise everyone of where things stand. 
  • Offer additional training in critical job and life skills and training specific to pandemic-related topics and creating a discrimination-free workplace.
  • Since childcare will continue to be an issue for many, consider coordinating with a local YMCA or other daycare providers to provide options to employees or even on-site childcare (if that’s realistic). 
  • Establish a program for employer and/or employee donations to COVID-19 charities, as well as initiatives that support employment and workplace equality.   

There’s no question the world isn’t what it used to be prior to this pandemic. As we partner together to navigate the changes COVID-19 has accelerated, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for regular updates on the latest developments.


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