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How Are You Celebrating National Payroll Week?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” For many employees, it’s a foregone conclusion that they’ll get paid for their work. However, without payroll professionals to ensure they get paid accurately and on time, it wouldn’t be possible. At the start of..

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Exit Interviews Done Right

Employees leave for a variety of reasons. The exit interview plays a critical role in helping you understand what may have caused a departure. Just as importantly, you can use what you learn as  intelligence to support your company’s overall retention strategy.

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The Waiting Game: What EEOC Regulations May Mean for Wellness Programs

Do you currently offer a wellness program for your employees? Thinking about starting one? Without question, the fallout from a recent lawsuit will determine the shape your current or future program takes moving forward. 

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Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth Happier, More Productive Employees?

An ounce of prevention is, according to the old proverb, worth a pound of cure. If so, many employers have taken this thinking even further, proving that a proactive, carefully planned wellness program can increase worker productivity, improve morale and heighten overall job satisfaction.

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11 Places To Find and Recruit Top Talent

When you’re hiring, it’s common to turn to the same old places to find and recruit talent. While this approach has likely landed you some pretty amazing people in the past, it’s also beneficial to move outside of your comfort zone. By experimenting with different online, offline and in-person..

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Government Labor Compliance Resources That Are Actually User-Friendly

It’s tough to stay up on all of the labor laws and regulations that you’re responsible for as an employer. Pair this with government resources being notoriously difficult to use and interpret, and it’s understandable why compliance is such a headache for businesses.

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Is Time Theft Costing Your Business Money?

When you hear the word “theft,” images of shoplifting, pickpockets and carjackings likely come to mind. However, there is a more subtle form of theft impacting nearly 75% of U.S. businesses. Time theft — or when employees accept pay for time they have not actually worked — is a billion dollar..

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Wisconsin Could Be the First State to Make Cash Tips Tax-Free

Wisconsin lawmakers introduced legislation that would eliminate income tax liabilities for tipped wages paid in cash. If it passes, Wisconsin could be the first state in the country to provide a state income tax exemption for cash tips paid to waiters, bartenders, taxi drivers, hair stylists and..

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Four External Recruiting Strategies To Find Top Talent

Recruiting qualified candidates is critical to your company’s success. And in today’s competitive job market — where there are more open jobs than available candidates — you need to be strategic in your recruiting efforts. If you’re unable to fill open positions internally, it’s time to put..

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Your Top 10 HSA Questions Answered

If you have questions when it comes to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), you’re not alone. HSAs come with significant benefits, including tax advantages, but to make the most of them, you need to be clear on the rules. With a new tax year underway (and new HSA contribution limits), now’s the..

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