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A Roadmap for When, Where and If You Can Ask About Salary History

Can you ask job candidates about their salary history? Seems like a simple-enough question, but the response you’ll hear can get confusing quickly. 

The short answer: Depends on where you’re asking.

For example, if you’re in Kansas City, Missouri and have 15 or more employees, the answer is..

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How to Handle Holiday Bonuses

With the holidays right around the corner, we got to thinking about our all-time favorite seasonal movie, Christmas Vacation. This holiday classic calls to mind a rather relatable business question — “to bonus or not to bonus?” Or, if you’re Clark Griswold on the receiving end, “will they or..

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Answers to the Top 10 Open Enrollment Questions

With open enrollment around the corner for many, now’s the ideal time to prepare for employee questions that may arise. As an employer or HR professional, you’re likely well-versed in plan options, but to many employees, insurance benefits seem like a foreign language. And open enrollment rules..

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Daylight Saving Time Ends Soon: Prepare to “Fall Back”

With fall in full swing, it’s that time of year again where Daylight Saving Time (DST) is coming to a close, which means it’s almost time to turn back the clocks. Starting at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 3, DST will end. 

Of course, this means an extra hour of sleep (thank you!). But, if you’re an..

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What Just Happened? Your Best Response to New Overtime Pay Thresholds

New rules bring new challenges. That certainly holds true when it comes to overtime pay exemptions, which will increase next year for the first time since 2004. To help you prepare for what’s coming, let’s break down what the Department of Labor (DOL) recently enacted and help map out your..

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Why Automated Time Tracking is the Way To Go

The importance of an effective time tracking solution can’t be overstated. Besides being necessary for processing payroll, it can help you maximize productivity, streamline labor costs, identify inefficiencies, and stay compliant with labor regulations.

Of course, there are manual options for..

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The 2020 Form W-4: What to Expect

Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) passed in December 2017, there’s been a whirlwind of W-4 changes aimed at both accommodating the new tax code and helping taxpayers improve the accuracy of their withholding. Just this August, the IRS released a second draft of the 2020 W-4. While the..

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What to Expect with the New 2019 Form W-4

Editor's note: Post updated 12.14.18 to include the most up-to-date information. However, since this time, the IRS released a new 2020 version. Learn more about the 2020 W-4 here.In June 2018, the IRS released an early draft of the 2019 W-4. Upon its release, the draft received heavy criticism from..

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Why Your Employees Need A “Paycheck Checkup”

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t updated your W-4 in a long time. Unless you’ve changed jobs or undergone a life-changing event such as getting married or having kids, you likely have more of a “set-it-and-forget-it” mind frame about W-4s. However, since the tax reform bill passed..

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Geofencing: What It Is and Why Employers Need It

By now you know that labor is one of the biggest — if not the biggest — costs of running a business. But, keeping labor costs down is tough. You have a ton on your plate, and you don’t always have time to make sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there. This is even more..

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Full-Circle Workforce Management

Orbit Solutions transforms the way you recruit, manage, and grow your workforce.

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